Tailor-made HL7® CDA editor component

Eddie enables software developers to quickly and easy introduce electronic medical records compliant to HL7® CDA standard into their IT systems.

Why Eddie?

Ease, Speed, Minimal Effort implementation

Customer receives a production ready, tested and complete solution that can be easily embedded into existing IT system.

HL7® CDA standard expertise not required

All work related to preparation of clinical document templates and ensuring standard compliance is on our side.


Both user interface and CDA structure are adapted to customer requirements and in adherence to local regulations of electronic medical records handling.

What does our Eddie service include?

  1. We review with the customer the types of documents to be created in electronic format.
  2. Based on requirements we adjust our component so that both - forms appearance and behaviour matches customer needs, as well as the resulting documents are compliant to national legal regulations.
  3. We deliver production ready component with all necessary tools and documentation required to embed it within customer IT system.
  4. Finally, we verify the correctness of documents created in customer IT system using our component.

HL7® CDA Editor Component

Eddie is a Microsoft.NET 4.5 backend component. You can embed it in an application created using any technology, e.g. using dedicated JavaScript library.

Main features of Eddie include:

  • Generation of interactive forms embedded in customer IT system
  • Generation of clinical documents in HL7® CDA XML format based on customer IT system entries

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About us

Our team consists of highly qualified HL7® CDA certified specialists with working experience in implementation of electronic health record solutions. We also develop HL7® implementation guides, that are technical specifications for healthcare interoperability standards implementation, on national and corporate levels.

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